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r.e.B.E.R.t.h. is a story driven, side-scrolling, musical shooter led by a small team of former developers and artists from Harmonix (Guitar Hero and Rock Band), iNiS (Elite Beat Agents and LIPS), and Fire Hose Games (co-developers of Rock Band Blitz). With them is composer Larry Hong, a student at Berklee College of Music, and Evan Quinlan, an accomplished software developer. Together, with the help of Sonic Bloom’s Koreographer tech, they are building their vision of a truly interactive musical experience: a game where the music actively drives the game, and the game changes the music.

The team is creating a truly unique game experience where just about every aspect of the game synchronizes to the and the music is altered by game events. The music score becomes a driver for all in-game events allowing Composer Larry Hong to simultaneously design levels. Percussion becomes laser fire, melodies pace the action, and tempo changes shift the game dynamics; all in real time. Think; “Game linked to its score” and think less like “rhythm game.”

In r.e.B.E.R.t.h., you play Mel, a refugee seeking escape from her home planet as it falls to a greedy, morally bankrupt Galactic Federation. Mel is the lone survivor of the attack, armed only with her ship, and an inherited ability to see the Background Energy of Reality: an energy that stems from the threads of The Universe itself and manifests to those who can perceive it as music. Mel is on a path to discover the root of the devastation that befell her homeworld and find her place in The Universe.