Sketching the Music

Hey guys, Larry here. We’re very excited to be showing you some snippets of our work on the beta version of r.e.B.E.R.t.h as we move along, hopefully giving you guys a glimpse into the production. Part of what makes r.e.B.E.R.t.h an interesting and unique gaming experience is the immersive musically driven narrative, which lends itself to an interactive cinematic quality in some ways. Eric our head designer has been meticulous about giving me cue cards detailing the narrative script behind the first level and outlining what events and emotions I should be “hitting” as I write the first draft.

For rough outline purposes, I’ve been sketching out the piece with the piano (multiple stacked layers in some cases for filling out inner lines that will be either orchestral or electronic elements, so it’s not trying to be pianistic really). The excerpt above is part of the narrative segment where our heroine Mel escapes the hangar with her newly discovered ship, swerves in and out of enemy fire bombarding her planet, and finally leaving the atmosphere and exploring the orbiting asteroids. A bit of suspense, relief, wonder, then adrenaline as her adventure starts to take off!

You’ll find that the melody in this snippet is a big theme throughout the piece, laying the groundwork for the melody in other upcoming sections. Stay tuned!


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