The Team

Writer/Designer/BER Sensate

Mark Lawley

Mark is a former writing professor and founder of the academic consulting firm, Ivy Scholastic, based in New York City. He uses the Background Energy of Reality (BER) to sense and seek out life in storytelling, level design, and C#. He started out as a math major at Dartmouth but went on to receive his MFA in creative writing under the tutelage of E. L. Doctorow and Kamau Brathwaite. In his spare time, he designs and runs a tabletop RPG and dances tango in Charlottesville, where his wife is pursuing her PhD.

Twitter: @MarkPLawley
Other life:


Eric Robinson

Eric is a Boston-based game designer, programmer, audio engineer, and founder of Sonic Bloom.  Eric has over years developing music-based games and audio tools. He has worked for a diverse set of game developers including Tokyo-based iNiS, and Fire Hose Games where he was an engineer on Rock Band Blitz.  Eric founded Sonic Bloom to focus on making musical games and game development tools to enhance the emotional impact of music in games and digital experiences. Eric took on r.e.B.E.R.t.h. to see the logical extreme of where music could go in video games.

Twitter: @ericrobinson


Evan Quinlan

Evan Quinlan has transitioned from a Ruby/JavaScript hobbyist to a diehard Unity developer in the last year or so and regrets nothing. r.e.B.E.R.t.h. is his first project as a lead developer. Evan lives in Boston, MA.

Twitter: @equinlan


Jacques Pena

Jacques has worked alongside many companies ranging from Microsoft, Sony Online Entertainment, Hasbro, Autodesk and many more. Jacques art has graced the pages of Expose 11 as a Master artist to 3D World Magazine.

Twitter: @ArtofJacques


Larry Hong

Larry Hong is a film and video game composer and sound designer based in Boston, Massachusetts specializing in orchestral and electronic music composition. His compositions draw inspiration from a diverse pool of music, including his background in Classical piano, Japanese Taiko drumming, and chiptunes.

Twitter: @hey_lune


Justin Stanizzi

Justin is a start-up consultant, software project manager and seasoned scrum master who has been working with technology startups in the Boston area for more than 7 years including Litl, Scout, Psydra Games, Sonic Bloom and others. Justin wears many hats including business development, marketing, and project management.  Early in his career Justin worked as a project lead for music software company Harmonix Music Systems where he directed improvements to the RockBand franchises among others. Justin holds a BFA in Computer Graphics and Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Twitter: @jstaniz